Exclusive Michael Malone Interview with Ally Sturm

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 | Denver Nuggets

Ally Sturm interviews the head coach of the Denver Nuggets, Michael Malone. They talk about last week's NBA Draft and how it compares with the previous year.

Michael mentions how he will help the new draft picks fit into the team and get ready for the summer league. Ally asks how the new players will contribute to the team. Coach is most excited about the potential of this young team.

About Michael Malone

Coach Malone joined the Nuggets as head coach for the 2015/16 season after leaving Sacramento as head coach. Now in his second season with Denver, Michael is anxious to use his coaching experience and new talent for an epic 2016/17 season.

He's been an NBA assistant with the New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, New Orleans Hornets and Golden State Warriors. He then made a move in 2013 to head coach for the Sacramento Kings, where he left in December 2014.

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