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  • 6:00 PM Golf @ Altitude - Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course
    6:30 PM One on One - Gavin Prout - Colorado Mammoth Legend
    7:00 PM Emerging Sports TV - Pilot: Enduro Mountain Biking and USA Snoe Shoe Championships
    8:00 PM Major League Lacrosse - Rochester Rattlers at New York Lizards 4/26/15
    10:30 PM Poker Night - 3
    11:00 PM Golf @ Altitude - Riverdale Golf Courses
    11:30 PM Golf @ Altitude - The Broadlands Golf Course

Altitude 2 Information

Altitude 2
Altitude 2 is a complementary service providing 70+ overflow games annually whereby two LIVE games covered by Altitude are scheduled at the same time. Altitude give you both games so that every sports fan will be happy, regardless of which teams they follow. Altitude 2 can be offered as a full-time channel or games can be inserted on another channel, depending on your provider. Altitude 2 programming includes our Avalanche, Nuggets, Rapids, and Mammoth pro product, plus high school and college football, basketball, softball, lacrosse, and baseball games and more. Depending on your service provider and location, Altitude 2 programming may be delivered to you in different ways.

In Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, and some areas of Idaho:

In Montana, Utah, Nevada, and non-Nuggets areas of Idaho:

To find what channel Altitude is on in your area, please search for channels by zip here.