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  • 6:30 PM Nuggets Preseason Insider - 2015-16 Season
    7:00 PM Ice Cowboys - Skijoring from Durango, CO
    8:00 PM Golf @ Altitude - The Golf Club @ Bear Dance
    8:30 PM Golf @ Altitude - Keystone Resort
    9:00 PM One on One - Vance Johnson - Retired Denver Broncos Wide Reveiver
    9:30 PM Bulls on the Beach - American Bullfighting from Windsor, CO 9/6/15
    10:00 PM Pro Football: Altitude Sports Summit - 5
    11:00 PM University of Denver Men's Soccer - Gonzaga at Denver 10/5/15

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Altitude Sports & Entertainment?
Seen in more than 3.1 million homes in a 10 state territory, Altitude is the television home of the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Mammoth, Colorado Rapids, Colorado Eagles, Denver Outlaws, the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference, University of Denver sports (soccer, volleyball, gymnastics and lacrosse,) as well as other local and regional sports, entertainment and public service programming.

Who owns Altitude?
Altitude is owned and operated by Stan Kroenke, owner of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, parent company of the Denver Nuggets (NBA), Colorado Avalanche (NHL), Colorado Mammoth (NLL), Colorado Rapids (MLS), and the Pepsi Center arena. Mr. Kroenke is also partial owner of the St. Louis Rams (NFL).

How do I contact Altitude?
The best way to contact Altitude Sports & Entertainment with questions or concerns is through our website contact form.

Mailing address:
Altitude Sports & Entertainment
1000 Chopper Circle
Denver, CO 80204

Where can I find Altitude's programming schedule?
A search-enabled programming schedule is available at this link:
Can I order DVD or tape copies of programming that I see on Altitude?
Altitude does not offer DVDs of our broadcasts, however we do air two replays of most games on game night and the following morning and will re-broadcast most of our programming at one or many points in time. Many programs are also available through Video On Demand; to check our upcoming broacast schedule, please click here. You can also contact the various leagues, schools, or venues involved to see whether a duplicate can be made.

Where is Altitude available?
Altitude is available within a 10-State territory of the Rocky Mountain Region including: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Northern New Mexico, Northeast Nevada and Southwest South Dakota.

Availability in these states is based on NBA and NHL territorial restrictions which determine where Avalanche and Nuggets games can be distributed. Outside of the Altitude territory, Altitude is available in regional Sports Packs (anywhere in the U.S. that Dish Network or DirecTV service is offered), however all Avalanche and Nuggets games will be blacked out. All other Altitude programming is available in these areas.

Colorado Avalanche games are available in the following areas: Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas (except for Kansas City), Nebraska, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Northern New Mexico and Northeastern Nevada.

Denver Nuggets games are available in the following areas: Colorado, Wyoming (except for Evanston), Nebraska, Kansas, Northern New Mexico and Southwestern South Dakota. Collegiate game blackouts are determined on a game by game basis.

How do I find out what channel Altitude is on?
To find out what channel Altitude is on in your area, please use our zip code channel search.

Due to scheduling conflicts and national television deals, some games may occasionally air on Altitude's second channel, ALT2. For Altitude 2 listings and information, visit our ALT2 page here.

What happens if there is a Nuggets game and an Avalanche game scheduled at the same time?
If you are in an area that receives both Avalanche and Nuggets games, Altitude will carry one game on the regular channel and will offer the other game on an additional Altitude channel called ALT2. Please click here for more information on the ALT 2 channel.

If you are in a territory that cannot receive the Avalanche you will receive the Nuggets game.
If you are in a territory that cannot receive the Nuggets you will receive the Avalanche game.

The NHL, NBA, and some college conferences place territorial restrictions on the distribution of certain teams or games. Altitude and its cable/satellite distributors must follow these mandated territorial restrictions, which is why you may not receive a specific game, depending on your location.

Are the Avalanche and Nuggets games broadcast in HD?
Yes. Click here to visit our HD Channels page.

Is Altitude available on Video-On-Demand?
Yes. Altitude provides VOD programming to all affiliates. Please check with your local cable provider to determine if VOD is available in your area, and if they distribute Altitude in VOD.

Unfortunately, Altitude is unable to re-distribute programming shown on our network because of league-mandated restrictions in the NBA, NHL, MLS, NLL, NCAA and other institutions.

How can I find employment or internship openings with Altitude?
All employment and internship listings are available on our website here. Whenever employment or internship positions are open, they will be listed on our website. To search employment and internship openings with KSE, please visit

I have an idea for a show. How do I submit it?
It is Altitude's policy and practice to not accept unsolicited materials. If you would like for us to review any materials that you send to us, we ask that you specifically acknowledge and consent to the following agreement before making a submission. Click here for the submission form.

Please mail the submission form to:

ATTN: Doug Ballmer
Sr. Director of Programming
11203 East Peakview Ave.
Centennial, CO 80111